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Now in Progress: But The Dead Know Nothing

It’s January 2017 and a month has passed since Hawaiian PI Noelani Lee hit the big 4-0. As she looks forward to a weekend spent doing nothing, her plans take an unexpected turn when Hilo’s most prominent defense attorney hires her to clear the name of a man accused of stabbing his wife to death.


All he needs is sufficient reasonable doubt to save his client. But the accused killer’s convoluted accounting of his actions the night of the murder, including an appointment with a seemingly nonexistent stranger, is riddled with inconsistencies. Yet those same contradictions tease Noelani into wondering if he, in fact, could possibly have done it.


As the head-spinning investigation puts her on a collision course with a proud veteran police detective she admires and respects, Noelani uncovers a possible link between her case and an unsolved murder from 1938. Peeling back the layers of time and squaring them with the present, Noelani wades into a deep gray sea of what passes for truth—all while an unanticipated encounter will change her life forever.

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