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Now in progress:
A Happy Voyage Home

It’s early summer 1983 and Navy Petty Officer Third Class Nicholas Price has left his ship in Okinawa after receiving a letter from his wife that he was not supposed to read. But at some point during his trip across the vast Pacific to meet a divorce lawyer in San Diego, he vanishes—and is neither seen nor heard from again. That is, until hikers find his body on a muddy seaside trail on the Big Island of Hawai’i. In 1997.


Twenty years later, an anonymous stranger connects Hawaiian PI Noelani Lee with a woman seeking answers to her stepfather’s unsolved murder. Fresh off the biggest case of her career, Noelani takes the job—and soon finds herself going shadow-to-shadow with clandestine figures from the past as she takes an unwitting journey back in time to the Cold War.


Shrouded by cloaks and threatened by daggers, the usually-independent Noelani and an enigmatic half-brother she never knew existed unite to outwit an array of old-school international spooks to uncover the truth—and the decades-old secrets—behind a heartbroken sailor’s lonely death on a muddy Big Island trail.

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