The Pahala Twist


Nothing much ever happens in the sleepy Hawaiian town of Pahala. But when a legendary singer disappears from a nearby black sand beach—where he's waging a one-man protest against a controversial resort development—private eye Noelani Lee soon finds herself on a twisted path of music, embezzlement, corruption, and murder.


Hired by a former lover to find the missing man, Noelani learns that tens of thousands of dollars also have vanished from a fund the singer established to defeat the resort —and that some people, including the singer's ex-wife and his former manager, will go to great lengths to make sure his plans fail.


Armed with a ukulele and song lyrics scribbled in a composition book, Noelani and her charismatic cousin form an alliance with the musician’s guilt-addled son and an off the grid, on-the-run grifter. Together, they set in motion a scheme to rescue the singer, recover his stolen funds, stop the big resort, find a killer—and restore peace and harmony to little Pahala.


"I'm loving this series of Big Island private eye (sorry, licensed private investigator) books...The conniving schemes towards justice keep me entertained...Another great read, mahalo Mr Bradley."

Cathy Fairhurst