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The Waimea Two-Step
The Waimea Two-Step


An unexpected visit by her sister leads Hawaiian private eye Noelani Lee to investigate the unsolved murder of an environmental activist in the Big Island town of Waimea—in a case fraught with deep-seated mysteries and long-held grudges that could destroy a legendary ranching family’s storied reputation.


As she retraces the dead woman’s undercover investigation into rumors of genetically-modified “super cattle” roaming the fabled Carswell Ranch, Noelani must lasso a herd of secrets involving the ranch’s influential owner and his wife; their prodigal son and daughter-in-law; a transgendered artist; the rugby-playing ranch manager; and an ex-con who’s bent on corralling a slew of loose ends.


To find the killer, Noelani will have to stay tall in the saddle and keep a tight grip on the reins as she rides a trail of adventure that could shake the town of Waimea down to the soles of its big, pointy boots.

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