The Waimea Two-Step


An unexpected visit by her sister leads Hawaiian private eye Noelani Lee to investigate the unsolved murder of an environmental activist in the Big Island town of Waimea—in a case fraught with deep-seated mysteries and long-held grudges that could destroy a legendary ranching family’s storied reputation.


As she retraces the dead woman’s undercover investigation into rumors of genetically-modified “super cattle” roaming the fabled Carswell Ranch, Noelani must lasso a herd of secrets involving the ranch’s influential owner and his wife; their prodigal son and daughter-in-law; a transgendered artist; the rugby-playing ranch manager; and an ex-con who’s bent on corralling a slew of loose ends.


To find the killer, Noelani will have to stay tall in the saddle and keep a tight grip on the reins as she rides a trail of adventure that could shake the town of Waimea down to the soles of its big, pointy boots.



"I work in Waimea at the famed Parker Ranch, so this book hit home for me, especially being able to pick out the specific buildings and sights. But that aside, I enjoy the characters and storyline, with the twists and turns I have come to expect from Mr. Bradley."

Cathy Fairhurst