The Hilo Hustle


Hawaiian private eye Noelani Lee is more comfortable catching philandering husbands in the act than solving murders, but when the body of her archrival washes up on a beach in her hometown of Hilo, the police immediately treat her as a suspect. To complicate things, a disgraced reality TV star hires her to finish the job Noelani’s nemesis started—figure out who’s trying to put her lucrative home-brew operation out of business.


As if learning more than she ever wanted to know about television divas and beer wasn’t bad enough, things really start brewing when a handsome U.S. Marshal asks for her help. He's hunting a fugitive Ponzi scheme operator—a man he believes is the lady brewer’s husband. But when a second stiff turns bottoms-up in her client’s garage, the action comes to a head as Noelani taps three separate cases in an investigation that could drive her to drink.

"There's a whole host of interesting characters and I love the pidgin language. I had already read The Kona Shuffle and, in similar style, there are so many twists and turns you have to concentrate to keep up. It's a great summer read."

Cathy Fairhurst

"…A really good mystery with many twists and turns…A very taut story. It captures the feel and spirit of Hawai’i."

Deb Monroe