Legend has it that Tom Bradley Jr. began his writing career on his second birthday, when he used cake icing to scribe something illegible on his high chair. He’s been doing it ever since.


After barely graduating high school, the native Pennsylvanian—with romanticized images of Woodward and Bernstein’s Watergate exploits still rattling around his brain—enlisted in the U.S. Navy with the goal of becoming a journalist. Seven years later, armed with the most rudimentary training needed to write in the inverted pyramid style, Tom went to work for community and daily newspapers in San Diego County. But after sleeping through umpteen city council and planning commission meetings, and wading through mountains of verbal manure generated by politicians of all stripes, Tom sold out his dreams and launched a second career in public relations, first in Las Vegas, then in San Antonio, then back in Las Vegas. Wow. Guy can’t hold down a job.


Along the way he picked up a B.A. in Communications from National University in San Diego, and a M.A. in Strategic Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University in South Orange, N.J. Both are sources of pride for Tom, and of embarrassment for the respective institutions of higher learning.


Despite numerous fits and starts at writing the Great American Novel, Tom set his sights lower and now pens mystery and caper novels featuring private investigator Noelani Lee and her adventures on the Big Island of Hawai’i. You can find links to his books—available electronically and in paperback—on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and CreateSpace. Tom also knows all about them Twitters.

When he’s not fantasizing about retiring and opening a beachside bar in Costa Rica, Tom lives a real suburban existence—complete with a pool and a fridge full of beer—in Henderson, Nevada, with his wife, Donna, and a Bengal cat named Malia.

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