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The Volcano Shake
The Volcano Shake


Nestled in a tropical rainforest on the edge of a volcano, the Honeycreeper Lodge is an out-of-the-way B&B on the Big Island of Hawai’i, where visitors come to relax and commune with nature.


Yet despite this idyllic setting, a series of anonymous threats have put the lodge’s proprietor on edge—and spurred his ex-wife to hire private eye Noelani Lee to find out who’s trying to destroy their business.

But as Noelani begins what she believes is a routine investigation into coercion and intimidation, murder also checks in—and leaves her wondering if a guest’s gruesome death and the lodge’s ordeals are related.  

To find the killer, Noelani will wade through a roiling caldera of motives and lies...all while the restless fire goddess Pele prepares to unleash her ground-shaking fury on these mere mortals.

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