The Kona Shuffle


When a commercial airliner belly-whomps on an abandoned Hawaiian airstrip, four nearly identical black backpacks—including one containing a small fortune in stolen gold and gems—end up in the wrong hands. Private investigator Noelani B. Lee, hired by an unscrupulous jeweler to find the purloined baubles, soon finds herself matching wits with the scheming courier who lost the rocks and the double-crossing brothers he betrayed.


But greed and bedlam ensue as the packs change hands, and Noelani realizes anyone—a coddled college kid, the Pacific Rim's premier foot model and her baseball-player husband, a local restaurateur and her half-Scottish, petty-thieving son—could have the valuable stash.


With help from her gregarious cousin and her own gift for disguise, Noelani sorts through the avarice to find the pilfered jewelry—while she decides what to do about some embarrassing secrets she uncovers along the way.



"This book is tons of fun. If Elmore Leonard had written the script for What's Up, Doc? while vacationing in Hawaii—well, that would be The Kona Shuffle. Every character is vivid and different and interesting to follow."

S.L. Jenan

"If you've ever seen the film It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, you'll recognize the scenario. And if you like a mystery that's heavy on action and misconstruction with a dash of comedy thrown in, you'll like this book."

Cheryl B. Dale


"Like a great plate lunch, it's a little bit of everything that satisfies...If you're heading to Hawaii, it's a great beach or plane read that guarantees you'll be checking menus for loco mocos and paying a little more attention to your fanny pack in Waikiki."

Lehua Parker