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The Wailoa Waltz



For Hawaiian PI Noelani Lee, a typical Wednesday morning begins like any other day. But a bizarre series of events propels her into a case rife with disjointed family dynamics, unsettled scores, and murder.


It all starts when an elderly survivor of the 1960 tsunami asks Noelani to find her lost maneki neko, or Japanese lucky cat. One problem: the ceramic figurine has been missing for 30 years. But before she can say “no,” Noelani is caught in a grudge-fueled tug-of-war between the scions of two once-powerful organized crime families, who also want the cat, and a shadowy former underworld kingpin, whose motives are less than transparent.


In taking a case she doesn’t want and would be better off avoiding, Noelani finds a connection between the missing cat and a decades-old unsolved murder—and an unexpected, unwanted, and gut-wrenching family reunion.

"I really enjoy the Noelani Lee series and this one kept me reading late into the night. Since I live on Big Island, I like how the books are more true Hawaiian than the usual stereotypical fare. Looking forward to what's next!"

Cathy Fairhurst

"The writing is strong with quirky, eccentric characters that are all connected one way or another to the cat. I love that the author peppered the story with references and detailed descriptions of Hilo, with a bit of history thrown in to add to the overall flavor of the plot."

Darke Conteur